Baby Boy Names in Telugu Starting with S

Introduction to Baby Boy Names in Telugu

Traditional and Trendy: Baby Boy Names in Telugu Starting with S!

While tradition is important, modern Telugu parents are also looking for Baby Boy Names in Telugu Starting with S that are contemporary and stylish. You’ll find a blend of both in this list, striking the perfect balance between honoring tradition and embracing the present.

NameGenderMeaningPronunciationName in Telugu
SherMaleThe Lion, Beloved oneSh-erషేర్
SamarthMaleCapable; EfficientSa-mar-thసమర్థ
SaiMaleDivine; A title of honorSa-iసాయి
ShivaMaleLord ShivaShi-vaశివ
SumanthMaleGood mind; HappinessSu-man-thసుమంత
SrinivasMaleLord VenkateswaraSri-ni-vasశ్రీనివాస
SanjayMaleVictorious; TriumphantSan-jayసంజయ
SashankMaleMoonbeam; Lord ShivaSha-shankశశంక
SuryanshMalePart of the SunSu-ryan-shసూర్యాంశ
SriramMaleAnother name for Lord RamaSri-ramశ్రీరామ
ShreyasMaleFame; PraiseworthyShre-yasశ్రేయస్
ShivanshMalePart of Lord ShivaShi-van-shశివాంశ
SiddharthMaleAchiever; One who has attained his goalSid-dhar-thసిద్ధార్థ
SrikarMaleCreator of wealthSri-karశ్రీకర
SahasraMaleA thousand; InfiniteSa-ha-sraసహస్ర
SuryakantMaleBeloved by the SunSu-rya-kantసూర్యకాంత
SaptarshiMaleSeven sagesSap-tar-shiసప్తర్షి
ShyamMaleDark; Lord KrishnaShy-amశ్యామ
SarveshMaleLord of allSar-ve-shసర్వేశ
SreekarMaleRay of wealthSri-karశ్రీకర
SharvilMaleGod of wealthShar-vilషర్విల
SarvagyaMaleAll-knowing; OmniscientSar-va-gyaసర్వజ్ఞ
SaicharanMaleSai's feetSai-cha-ranసాయిచరణ
ShashidharMaleLord Shiva; Wearer of the MoonSha-shid-harశశిధర
SudeepMaleBright; Very brightSu-deepసుదీప
SathvikMalePious; Virtuous; HonestSa-th-vikసత్విక
SumantraMaleGood counsel; AdvisorSu-man-traసుమంత్ర
ShouryaMaleBravery; HeroismShou-ryaశౌర్య
SwayamMaleSelf; Onself; PersonallySway-amస్వయ
ShrihanMaleLord VishnuShri-hanశ్రీహన
SamiranMaleBreeze; AirSa-mi-ranసమిరన
SarvendraMaleLord of allSar-ven-draసర్వేంద్ర
SagarikaMaleOf the ocean; WaveSa-ga-ri-kaసాగరిక
SomnathMaleLord of the moon; Lord ShivaSom-nathసోమనాథ
SatyavratMaleCommitted to truthSa-tya-vratసత్యవ్రత
SushantMalePeaceful; QuietSu-shantసుశాంత
ShaswatMaleEternal; PerpetualSha-swatశశ్వత
SurajitMaleOne who conquers the sunSu-ra-jitసురజిత
ShriyanshMaleBeloved by goddess LakshmiShri-yan-shశ్రీయంశ
ShubhankarMaleAuspicious; FortunateShu-bhan-karశుభంకర
ShrishMaleLord Shiva; AuspiciousShri-shశ్రీశ
SrimanMaleProsperous; WealthySri-manశ్రీమాన
SomeshMaleLord of the moon; Lord ShivaSo-meshసోమేశ

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I choose the right name for my baby boy?

Choosing the right Baby Boy Names in Telugu Starting with S involves considering your cultural and personal preferences, as well as the name’s meaning and significance.

2. Are these names traditional Telugu names?

Yes, all the names listed in this article are traditional Telugu names with positive meanings. 

3. What if I want a name that is more modern?

You can explore modern Baby Boy Names in Telugu Starting with S or choose a name that resonates with your family’s values and beliefs. You can also check more names here – Telugu Baby Names.

4. Can I combine names to create a unique one?

Absolutely! Combining names or adding a personal touch to traditional names can result in a unique and meaningful choice.

5. Should I consult with family or elders when naming my baby?

It’s a good idea to involve your family or seek their advice, as they may have valuable insights and traditions to consider when naming your child.